To cancel a subscription go to your Account Page.

Check how many days you have left on your subscription. Cancel your membership before your subscription expires to stop recurring payments.

***To cancel recurring payments.

click Cancel to stop recurring payments, then click Confirm.  (unsubscribes from current plan, *VIP access available for remaining time on plan, email confirmations will be sent, **do not click Abandon or you will lose access for your remaining time)

***To remove current membership or to join a new membership plan.

click Abandon after you Cancel, or click Abandon when your membership expires.

click Abandon will immediately remove VIP access. (remove current plan from your account, *VIP access removed for all pay content, even if there is time remaining on your membership)

***To renew your current membership.

click Renew to sign up for the same membership, it will show the current rate, click Renew Subscription.

***re-subscribe at anytime. (using same account)

Contact Support if you have any issues or concerns.

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