You’re not afraid of the dark, are you?

Morbid Girls is dedicated to showcasing fantasy models in a unique style.  Projects include classic boudoir and erotic themes.  Our goal is to create artistic images and films that illustrate the female form, unlike anything you have seen.  The models will guide you on your travels.

The content is seductive and incorporates a morbid theme over the course of the set.  The progression of images and videos show an evolution of emotions and spirit.

Morbid Girls taps into your sub-conscious mind and unchains your deepest desires.  There is no judgement, only acceptance, if your soul is searching for answers.

The models will encourage the use of your imagination.  By using color and light to accentuate every curve of the body, you will be taken on a dark fantasy journey into the unknown.

– Welcome to Morbid Girls –

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